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Reasons why your coffee tastes bad

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Ever feel like your cup of coffee failed you this morning when you desperately needed it to kickstart your day?

Nobody deserves to drink a cup of bad coffee, but here are some possible reasons why it is not as great as it should be (or as great as you want it to be)

Your coffee beans are stale

When roasted coffee beans are exposed to oxygen, they immediately start to lose its freshness and quickly becomes stale if not used. For every 24 hours where it is exposed, it can lose up to 10% of it shelf life! That is a huge loss and can change the flavour of the beans very quickly. Flavour is loss when coffee beans lose carbon dioxide in a process called degassing, the longer the process occurs, the more flavour is lost.

Storing coffee beans in air-tight containers and kept away from sunlight and excessive moisture can help extend the lifespan of the beans, but its preferable that you do not keep a big batch of beans, rather small batches where you can consume them fairly quickly.

Improper Roasting

Roasting is what turns the green beans into the beans that we love to turn into coffee! but improper roasting can cause beans to have a overly bitter or burnt taste, if that is how you like your coffee though, then its perfectly fine! But dark roasted beans aren’t for everyone.

It might not even be your roaster fault as roasting beans is an extremely finicky business as the bean batches can vary in terms of sugar and other content hence the outcome per batch may be wildly different.

Going back to the Roaster and trying out different bean batches may help or even trying out different Roaster to see what you like best!

Dirty Equipment

Sometimes the fault lies with the equipment, French press that have not been washed properly, grinders that have old residue, etc. These can contribute to imparting off tasting flavours and a quick wash and rinse would do the trick in solving this problem!

Bad Water Quality

Now we’re not necessarily saying the water quality is bad but the tap water often used in preparation of coffee and tea at least in Singapore do have some levels of chlorine, which is to control bacteria growth so you don’t get a bad tummyache. However, the chlorine taste and odour can affect the coffee and tea, so even with the best beans and equipment, the tap water quality can throw off the best coffee.

Installing a filter such as the ones we have here, such as the Purisource or the EzyFilter, both affordable solutions can help reduce chlorine odour and taste at the same time making the water taste smoother and better! Producing coffee and tea would result in a flavour that is unhindered by any extra flavour imparted by tap water.

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