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Water vs Sugary drinks – Make a Healthier Choice Today!

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Singapore has launched a war on diabetes and the first and biggest target on that war is against sugary drinks, first announced in October 2019, additional moves and clarifications were announced in Parliament on March 5, with all sugary drinks needing to carry a nutritional label rating from A – D. With measures such as banning the advertisement of pure sugar drinks rated D anywhere outside of the shop outlets.

There’s a reason nutrition experts recommend drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day while limiting sugary drinks– or better yet, avoiding it altogether. Water is calorie-free and hydrating and the benefits are priceless. Soda is loaded with sugar and calories, but does nothing for your health except affect it negatively. While the sweetness of the carbonated beverage may be enticing, ditch the soda pop and reach for water instead. Lets go over some pros and cons!

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Negative Effects Of Drinking Sugary Drinks


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Soda softens the bones in your body making them more brittle and brittle bones lead to osteoporosis, which as you age will cause you ever increasing list of problems and pain! So while you are young and free now, you might be old and bed-bound in the future if you keep chugging the delicious soda!


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All sugary drinks pack a whopping punch of sugar per can, up to 10 tablespoons each! So it is no wonder that it will definitely cause a difference to your waistline, and don’t go thinking that the ‘diet’ free version is going to be any better. SCIENCE! has shown that even drinking diet soda, isn’t going to stop your wastline from getting bigger. There are also studies that shown an increase risk of stroke and Alzheimer.


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The sugar and acid in soda don’t just wreak havoc on your waistline, they also do a number on your teeth. The acids present in soda can break down the enamel on your teeth, increasing your risk of cavities and tooth decay. The sugar in soda also serves as a feeding ground for the bacteria present in your mouth. As the bacteria feed on the sugar, they create enamel-damaging acids in the process. 

Positive Effects On Drinking Water


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Water can help prevent stress in the body by keeping your brain hydrated. When the brain gets dehydrated it triggers stress in your body so keeping yourself hydrated during the day can really help you get through the day. Keep in mind, if you’re thirsty, then your already partially hydrated. Try to drink water regularly to prevent dehydration.


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Water helps stimulate metabolism and help you feel full. When trying to lose weight, this can make a huge difference on your success. Cold water vs. room temperature water can help you lose a few extra calories as well because your body has to go to work to warm up the water in your body for digestion. 

While losing weight and toning the body, water helps to prevent cramping in the muscles and lubricate the joints, allowing you to work out longer before hitting your limits. 


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When your skin is healthy and hydrated the lines and wrinkles of the face are not as visible. So Keep yourself hydrated and enjoy the extra benefit of youth. 

Water also helps to clear out impurities and improve blood circulation in the body and helping your skin to glow.

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