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Contactless Dispensing with Tami

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As life gets back on track and more offices are opening up, is your pantry COVID-19 safe?

Working arrangements have changed according to the various needs of each company and individual. Such arrangements are for the safety of every staff working. 

is your current workspace designed to accommodate the new norm and less contact? 

Water purifiers are one of the more common shared equipment, How would you avoid cross contamination when everyone needs to drink water, getting the pantry staff to clean it periodically wouldn’t be efficient or productive.

Tami has a solution for YOU.  A sensor can be installed onto the Tami Symphony and Tami Mini Symphony and with a wave of hand will dispense water – Hot / Cold or Ambient water, without touching the dispenser.

Don’t let a small issue to cause a shut-down of your company in event of unfortunate Covid case because of cross contamination when you can avoid it.

Call us today at +65-67429558 or email us at sales@tami.com.sg

Check out the video below on how the system works!

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