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UV Copper Series

Models SC1, SC 2.5 and SC4

Flow Rate: 2 litres/min – 10.6 litres/min

This is the smallest range of the UV sterilizers we can provide


UV TapFamily Series

Models: VT1-DWS, VT4-DWS
Flow Rate: 3 litres/min – 9 litres/min
This UV range comes equipped with 2 pre-filters for additional filtration before UV sterilization

UV HomeFamily Series

Models: IHS12-D4, IHS22-D4

Flow Rate: 34litres/min

The HomeFamily Series is for complete water sterilization on point of entry into the home, to ensure that your entire house water supply is sterilized

UV Platinum Series

Models SP320 SP410 SP600

Flow Rate: 41.6 litres/min – 147.6 litres/min



UV PRO Series

Models: PRO10 PRO20 PRO30
Flow Rate: 38 litres/min – 189 litres/min

UV SHF Series

Models: SHF140 SHF180

Flow Rate: 400 litres/min – 500 litres/min


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