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Ultraviolet Sterilizers – What is it?

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Ultraviolet Sterilizers are a special type of equipment where the sole focus is the ultraviolet lamp that sits inside the stainless steel chamber. The feature of an ultraviolet sterilizer is being able to kill 99.99999% of bacteria and viruses without adding any foreign chemical into the water.

So how does it work?

Ultraviolet lamps produce ultraviolet light, which is part of the light spectrum. Even under the ultraviolet spectrum there exists different bands of ultraviolet and the one that is used by ultraviolet lamps is under UV-C. UV-C is considered to be the germicidal range (200 – 280nm) – meaning it is capable of inactivating germs/protozoa etc.

So how will this help?

Ultraviolet lamps are manufactured to be able to produce light waves of 254 nano-meters, this penetrates bacteria and viruses and scrambles their DNA, enabling them to be unable to reproduce and die from the radiation. Ultraviolet sterilization as the process is called, is considered to be the most efficient way of killing bacteria and virus contamination.

What are the applications of ultraviolet sterilizers?

The applications for an ultraviolet sterilizer are many. We have supplied ultraviolet sterilizers to fish farms, to cleantech laboratories that require ultra clean water for their experimentation and usage. Other usages of ultraviolet sterilizer can be just to kill all bacteria and viruses in the water before cooking and drinking for large cruise ships and in water purifiers.

How can Tami help?

Here at Tami, we emphasize highly on providing our customers with the best water purifiers which will help remove any external chemical contamination, and kill 99.999% of bacteria and viruses, ensuring that our customers get to enjoy clean healthy water to drink.

we also carry a wide range of ultraviolet sterilizers that is able to be sized to your requirements. we have small units that are more suitable for home use/low volume usages, medium sized units, large ones and industrial sized ones are available upon request.

Do contact us at 67429558 or email us at sales@tami.com.sg if you have any requirements for bacteria and virus free water without the use of harmful chlorine. We only require the flow rate required in order to provide you with a suitable quote.

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