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Tami Water Dispensers

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Tami water dispensers are directly connected to your water mains so you would have an unlimited supply of water available anytime you want! It is very useful equipment and can supply cold, hot and ambient water. It comes with Activated Carbon Block Filter and UV Sterilizer, to eliminate bacteria/ viruses and chemicals from water. It is safe to drink water because the filters are able to clean the water that you drink, each time the water comes through it.

Tami water dispensers are available for counter top and floor-standing. For the floor-standing unit, these are usually found in offices and educational institutes. On the other hand, there are counter top water dispensers which are popular in home and office. Counter top water dispenser needs to be placed on a high table.

Contact us at 67429558 or email us at sales@tami.com.sg to find out more about our latest model “Tami Prestige” !

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