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Staying Hydrated While Exercising

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Staying well hydrated is incredibly important if you are exercising and research has shown that losing up to 2% of your body weight in fluids can decrease your output performance by up to 25%!

When working out, your body core temperature increases and a lot of the water stored in your body is rapidly shed to cool down, if you do not maintain the level of water in your body, you will find yourself experiencing lethargy, inability to concentrate and your muscles will cramp faster. Hence it is important when planning to workout, that you consume an increased amount of water before commencing exercise and to maintain the amount of water drunk all throughout the workout and even after you finish.

This all helps in aiding your body in performing its best, without the hydration, your tissues may heal slower, muscle recovery and formation weaker and an overall poorer body.

By having sufficient water in your body, you are helping your heart work easier at pumping blood to your whole body as well as being able to send nutrients out more efficiently.

Drink more water today and stay healthy!

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