Tami Belmio Origio Coffee Pod

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Tami Belmio Origio Coffee Pod

Delivering the ultimate coffee experience with each capsule of high quality, premium coffee. Quality – First in the compatible market with aluminium capsules, the best material available to preserve quality coffee. Taste – Everything is optimised, down to the slightest detail of the brewing process, ensuring that every coffee ground is fully extracted and brimming with the most intense aromas and tantalising tastes. Features:
  • 5/10 Intensity
  • Delicious all-round coffee composed from the best 100-percent Arabica beans of Central and South American origin.
  • The slightly lighter roast imbues the coffee with a subtle and fresh aroma of hazelnut with a hint of citrus.
  • Premium aluminium coffee capsules in order to preserve the delicious aromas and flavours in the best way possible
This mild espresso reveals a rich bouquet of toasted grains and hazelnut with a soft aftertaste of citrus fruit completing the taste profile.

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