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Tami has been providing high quality water purifiers for the offices in Singapore since 1996 and have been faithfully serving our customers ever since!​

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Huge Cost Savings!

Enjoy huge savings with Tami - with our directly connected to the mains water purifiers, you get purified water anytime you want at PUB price point! No more costly long term supply contracts!

Environmentally Friendly

No more wastage of big bulky plastic bottles which end up contributing to the global plastic pollution with Tami today!

Experienced support team

Our customer service team is based 100% locally, with a team of in-house technicians, to assist you with any issue if there's a need for repair or servicing to be done!

Tami Symphony - Free Standing Water Purifier

The Tami Symphony, comes in both Black and Silver, is a stylish sleek water purifier that comes with triple filtration and UV sterilization, ensuring that your water is treated to the best it can be!

Via filtration, Chlorine and other VOC are removed and 99.99999% of bacteria and viruses are killed by the UV sterilization. Water is dispensed via a touch screen panel for easy dispensing.

Cold – 4 – 10 degrees
Hot – 90 – 98 degrees
Ambient – 30 degrees

Tami MiniSymphony - Tabletop Water Purifier

Tami MiniSymphony was designed to be the perfect companion to its free-standing sister unit – Tami Symphony. The system also comes with double filtration and UV Sterilization to ensure that despite its petite size, it still has the necessary treatment to give you and your staff the best quality water!

We’ve designed the system to be extremely compact yet still equipped to perform far above its size. Available in Silvery White, the Tami MiniSymphony dispenses Cold, Hot and Ambient Water.

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