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Need a cup of coffee when working from home?

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Due to the impact of the Covid- 19, many of you are require to work from home. When you are working from home, you can be more prone to distraction and laziness. To fight against them, you may need an extra help to stimulate your brain’s activity.

Having a cup of coffee or two is definitely good for your productivity, and can actually be a nice break during a work routine at home, but consuming an excessively large amount of coffee can cause insomnia, nervousness and increased heart rate.

How to make a cup of Tami Belmio coffee at home/ office?

  1. Fill up water tank
  2. Preheating – Press power button
  3. Insert capsule
  4. Put coffee cup on the drip tray
  5. Press Espresso or Lungo cup size
  6. Serve immediately

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