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Do the Mozzie Wipeout! Protect Your Home today!

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Singapore is a highly built-up and developed nation, unfortunately due to the high population and ideal hot & humid environment, allows for mosquitoes to breed and flourish. Compound to that with constant renovations ongoing island-wide and rainy weather, small pools of stagnant water are bound to exist and give more breeding spots for mosquitoes!

Hence the government regularly encourages doing the Mozzie Wipeout to help eliminate all potential breeding grounds for new mosquitoes!

The 5-step Mozzie Wipeout as follows:
• Turn the pail
• Tip the vase
• Flip the flowerpot plate
• Loosen the hardened soil
• Clear the roof gutter and place insecticide

BUT! what about existing mosquitoes that fly around and suck our blood? Theres a better way to do so now and protect your family and homes!

Introducing the Starlight Mosquito Lamp, this lamp is able to attract flying insects such as mosquitoes and moths by the usage of a specific light frequency that will attract insects towards it. This phenomenon is called Phototaxis where insects are drawn to a light source.

For mosquitoes, being really weak fliers, the strong suction fan that is inside the Starlight Lamp will quickly suck the mosquitoes lurking around the lamp into the trap zone where the mosquitoes will be trapped and die.

Get a Starlight Lamp today at greatly discounted pricing and protect your family and home!

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