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Keeping well hydrated can increase brain efficiency

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Studies from University of East London have shown that once the thirst is quenched, that participants in the study showed that they were up to 14% quicker than before when they were thirsty.

Your body is made up of a large amount of water, about 50 – 60%! So when your body is sending the signal to your brain that it is thirsty, it is a clear sign that you should be grabbing that water to replenish your body. When your body lacks water, it also lacks the ability to perform its tasks well, whether be it replenishing the blood or lubricating your joints.

While you don’t have the drink up the 8 cups of water a day as most commonly spoken(IT IS A HUGE MYTH), you do need to keep your body well hydrated to improve your body effectiveness and overall efficiency!

With a Tami water purifier, getting a cup of fresh good tasting water has never been easier! Call us today at 67429558 to find out more

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