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Ice Water for Weight Loss?

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The key factor for weight loss is having a higher metabolism, to burn off the amount of calories input in the day as you eat and drink.

Drinking ice water helps burn more calories as compared to normal drinking water as shown in studies in germany conducted, up to 30% more! Reason is that your body has to compensate for the cold water and maintain your core body temperature. Of course this isn’t much considering you’ll burn about 8 more calories with each cup of cold water, but every little bit helps right?

Alternatively, there are increasing number of studies to study the link between ice water and losing the flab, and soon enough we’ll all be dunking in ice cold water to lose weight that you don’t have to slob and sweat out!

With Tami Purifiers, you’re going to get cold as ice water as possible, with all our purifiers producing water between 4 – 10 degrees!

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