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Get fresh purified water with Tami products, with a state of the art filtration process which removes chlorine and other volatile organic chemicals and a ultraviolet sterilization process - produces purified water good for you and your loved ones!

Environmentally Friendly

No more wastage of plastic bottles which end up contributing to the global plastic pollution. With Tami you can get fresh refilled bottles of water always ready for you

Experienced support team

Our customer service team is based 100% locally, with a team of in-house technicians, to assist you with any issue if there's a need for repair or servicing to be done!

Tami Prestige- Tabletop Water Purifier

Tami Prestige is the latest tabletop unit that we have for offer to our customers for their homes. With a touchscreen LCD panel for dispensing water at 1 touch. The Tami Prestige comes with a 1 touch Jug and Cup fill functionality!

The Tami Prestige has been designed for easy filter replacement under the top cover, all done without the usage of any tools or equipment. Simple and easy to use, get the Prestige today.

Tami MiniSymphony - Tabletop Water Purifier

Tami MiniSymphony was designed to be the perfect companion to its free-standing sister unit – Tami Symphony. We have designed the system to be extremely compact so that it will be able to fit in the ever shrinking kitchen sizes of our homes in Singapore today.

it is designed for easy filter and UV lamp replacement under the top cover, all done without the usage of any tools or equipment. Simple and easy to use, get the MiniSymphony today and start drinking healthy water!

Tami Purisource- Water Alkaliser

Tami Purisource is designed for the smallest of kitchens, directly connected to your sink tap, this system doesn’t require any electrical power point and has a built-in flow counter powered with standard AA batteries.
The Purisource filter is designed with the latest filtration methods to make up for the lack of UV. It has a 4 step filtration method, starting with a Pre-filter to remove any sediments, Ceramic filtration element which is infused with natural alkaline stones which will turn the water alkaline, Activated Carbon to remove any foul odour and lastly an Ultrafiltration membrane to remove all bacteria and viruses before dispensing.

Tami EzyFilter - Simple Undersink Filter

Tami Ezyfilter is designed for the simplest method of getting filtered water in your home. After experiencing many friends and family commenting about the foul chlorine odour in the tap water, we’ve created this simple easy filter that can be easily assembled onto existing tap pipe line and by following the simple 4 step guide to the left, you will be able to install it too!

Are you annoyed by mosquitos constantly?

Tami Starlight Mosquito Lamp

Get the Tami Starlight Mosquito Lamp today and help clear your house of mosquitos and protect your loved ones!

The Starlight mosquito lamp utilizes the latest in LED technology, emitting 365 nm wavelength which is the ideal light that insects are attracted to, and with the strong suction fan it will suck the insects into a catchment tray below.


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Tami is here to assist in getting you and your loved ones the best water you can enjoy! 

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