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Tami Prestige

Tami Prestige is the latest tabletop unit that we have for offer to our customers for their homes. With a touchscreen LCD panel for dispensing water at 1 touch. The Tami Prestige comes with a 1 touch Jug and Cup fill functionality!

Tami EzyFilter

Tami Ezyfilter is designed for the simplest method of getting filtered water in your home. After experiencing many friends and family commenting about the foul chlorine odour in the tap water, we’ve created this simple easy filter that can be easily assembled onto existing tap pipe line and by following the simple 4 step guide to the left, you will be able to install it too!

Tami MiniSymphony

Tami MiniSymphony was designed to be the perfect companion to its free-standing sister unit – Tami Symphony. The system comes with double filtration and UV Sterilization to ensure that despite its petite size, it still has the necessary treatment to give you and your staff the best quality water!


Huge Cost Savings

Directly connected to the mains water dispensers for purified water at PUB price point.

Environmentally Friendly

End wasteful usage of plastic bottles which contributes to the global plastic pollution today.

Experienced Support Team

Our in-house customer service team is 100% local based, to assist you anytime & anywhere.

Our Winning Formula

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