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Health Benefits of Espresso Coffee (And Why You Should Drink More!)

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Espresso coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverage in the world and with good reason! Consisting of a powerful collection of biologically active compounds, many people instantly name off caffeine as the outstanding benefit of coffee, but this drink contains so much more and all the different compounds can help your body in different ways!

1. It enhances long-term memory

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Neuro-scientist Michael Yassa, from the University of California, conducted a study which found that drinking the equivalent of two espressos enhanced the process of memory consolidation.

He concludes that caffeine enhances long-term memory by improving the process of memory consolidation. “This doesn’t mean people should only drink coffee after they’ve studied, and not before,” says Yassa. “I think you would get the boost regardless.” That’s because the process of consolidation is likely to begin as soon as new memories form.

Read more: https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn24855-drink-two-espressos-to-enhance-long-term-memory/#ixzz6CxkfSmqm

However it was noted that too much caffeine would be bad for learning, causing jitters and other effects that we most probably have experienced after drinking one too many cups of coffee.

2. It can help you lose weight

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Coffee without any creamer or sugar packs a low calorie count of about 3 calories per ounce which is way healthier than most breakfast drink options. Other than that, if you need a morning drink before your workout, having a cup of espresso can help you workout better! A study published in the Medicine and Science in Sports Journal found that caffeine made workouts appear less strenuous, by lowering the perceived level of exertion by over 5%.

3. Coffee Improves Mood and Acts as an Anti-Depressant

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The caffeine that coffee contains is a known stimulant, and, each time you drink a cup of coffee, the caffeine blocks the function of one of your brain hormones, known as adenosine.

Wondering what this actually means?

Well, by blocking adenosine, your brain is then able to enjoy an increase in activity, and releases several other neurotransmitters, including dopamine and norepinephrine.

Here is what this can do for you:

  • Improves your mood
  • A short-term boost to brain function
  • Reduces tiredness and increases alertness

All of these effects then work together to fight depression, with one Harvard study showing that coffee drinkers experience a 20% lowered risk of becoming depressed.

This also relates to suicide rates, with coffee drinkers being 53% less likely to take their own lives.

4. Coffee Can Help with Oral Health

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While it is true about coffee staining the teeth, this is a cosmetic problem, and does not actually signify anything about a person’s health.

In fact, when drank straight black, the antioxidants found within coffee make your teeth less adhesive. This means that bacteria is not able to hold on to your teeth with much strength, not only keeping them cleaner, but also making them easier to clean.

5. It reduces the risk of a stroke

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Susanna Larsson, conducted a study in which they studied a group of women over a 10 year period, with a conclusion that drinking at least one cup of espresso a day can lessen the risk of getting a stroke by 25%!

This result was thought to be due to the anti-oxidant properties of coffee, similar results were found in another study in male smokers, whose stroke risk was reduced by 21% with 8 or more cups of coffee a day!.

Have you had your cup of espresso for today?

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