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Benefits of drinking water

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Drinking Water & its benefits!

Did you know, Water is the most healthy beverage one can drink? It has 0 fats, 0 sugar, 0 calories and it is good for your body!

as mentioned in the other post we did earlier on your brain working 14% faster when hydrated, here are some other benefits you can see if you keep up the regime of having a good hydration plan!

Drinking water daily can help improve your skin complexion and overall well being of your skin, that being said drinking water is a key part but you also can supplement it by using different kind of products such as moisturizers and usage of humidifiers if you constantly sleep in an air-conditioned room in Singapore, or even at work when you’re in an air-conditioned environment, the cold dry air will suck out moisture from your body and you will need to replenish the water loss to ensure that your skin stays supple and healthy.

Your skin won’t magically become better overnight after drinking more but some have shown remarkable results after a consistent drinking routine that helps such as this lady who drank 3 litres of water per day for 1 month and found great improvements!

Please do note that drinking water is a important habit to cultivate, there is also a danger of drinking too much water and face water intoxication, which occurs when there is a sudden influx of water into your body diluting the amount of sodium in your blood to very low levels which can cause a deadly imbalance in your body. Thankfully it is often hard to get water intoxication and you would need to drink litres upon litres of water within a short period of time. So avoid getting into such situations.

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