Heavy Metal Removal Technology

Arsenic is often found in many countries often those that rely heavily on groundwater for their water supply. As the groundwater table drops, Arsenic which is found naturally in the earth, gets oxidized and released into the water stream. This causes arsenic levels to increase and adding on the pollution from Man and other sources such as volcanic eruptions or landslides; these all cause arsenic to be released into the water we drink.

Asxban Technologies, sister company to Tami Systemtenik was established 5 years ago with the goal of providing the world with affordable solutions to remove Arsenic and Fluoride from drinking water. In the past 2 years we have greatly expanded our range of products to apply our solutions to all scenarios in the world. Often it is the developing countries that need more solutions as they are more poorly able to support themselves, both financially and technologically.

Gradually more local authorities in the areas affected are looking to providing solutions to their people so as to better provide and care for them. Providing better water will also result in less productivity loss as health increases in the area. 

Recently our local partner in India has won the local state tender to supply 214 sites with our Community Filters to filter and remove away toxic levels of arsenic, fluoride in the water. In the past 2 months, the local team has been hard at work installing and testing all locations for the levels in arsenic fluoride and iron and found great success!