Tami Services – Leading Water Purifier Experts Providing Fresh Purified Water

About us

26 year market experience

Established in 1996, Tami has been providing water purifier and treatment systems to the Singapore market. Fully local team, ready to bring fresh purified drinking water to you.

Experienced Service Team

We maintain a full fledge in-house maintenance and servicing team, means you’ll never be on the phone speaking to a call center in India, we will always be around to help you in any way.


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Our Winning Formula

Convenient & Cost effective

We are able to bring about huge cost savings to our customers who can enjoy fresh drinking water at a fraction of a price compared with traditional bottle water suppliers.


All our water purifiers are designed with giving you the best in water quality. Our systems come with the best Activated Carbon filtration and coupled with UV sterilization technology, killing all bacteria and viruses.

water on demand

Fresh purified water is always available 24/7, for your enjoyment. No more worries about being a plastic waste generator and start living a greener life!

Our clients

About us

We provide one stop system solutions to drinking water contamination problems. We specialize in Point-Of-Use Water Purifiers with UV Sterilization processes which provides hot, cold and ambient purified, bacteria-free water all at a touch of a button. We have equipment that have been designed specially to cater to the various markets of Commercial, Industrial and Residential users.

Our mission

It is our mission to help customers achieve huge cost saving in their provision of drinking water to their staff, solving their numerous problems encountered when using other forms of water dispensing equipment, and by providing well trained employees with specialized knowledge in water treatment technology.