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5 Reasons To Stay Hydrated Over The Holidays

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5 Reasons To Stay Hydrated Over The Holidays

The time for joy and celebrations are here with Christmas and Chinese New Year just looming round the corner and it is equally important to keep hydrated through this period! Here are 5 reasons why you need to be reaching out for that cup of water

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1. Maintaining Your Energy Levels

After a exhausting night of partying and celebration, you might wake up with an awful headache and want to reach out for that cup of coffee to wake you up! However, other than giving your mind a boost of caffeine, the hydrating effects might make you feel even more terrible after!

Here is a interesting fact, drinking cold water burns more calories and drinking a glass of water is critical to kick starting your body metabolic process in the morning and helps your body process all that food and bring your body back up to speed with energy and drive!

2. Recuperating from Hangovers

It is a time of celebration and what else comes other than a lot of uncontrolled drinking, especially if you are on a well deserved holiday! The next day though your body might be reminding you of what a bad idea it was to chug that many martinis and wine!

Drinking lots of water will help your body flush out the toxins and counter the dehydrating effects alcohol has on your body. The dehydrating effects is one of the reasons why you have a splitting headache, your brain is screaming for water!

At bare minimum, you should be aiming for a glass of water per alcoholic beverage you consume.

3. Healthier looking complexion

Dancing the night away loses much of your body water due to sweat and other reasons, when your body loses its water, it can cause your skin to look dry and your appearance to be tired. Water hydrates your skin cells which can help it look taut and less dry. Your skin is an organ and just like the rest of your body it needs hydration to function properly.

4. Helps avoid sickness

It is the holiday season, don’t get sick and waste the holiday!

Drinking lots of water helps the body flush out any toxins and helps keeps the mucus membranes moist and in proper working order to help prevent any germs or bacteria that you come in contact with.

5. Helps moderate food feasts

Holidays are meant for overindulging and feasting isn’t it! That is the whole point sometimes and we got the rest of the year and New Years Day to set our resolutions to lose the weight we gain.

That said, it is possible to enjoy all the feasting without increasing your weight tremendously. One way is to ensure you’re always drinking enough water which can help suppress your appetite because sometimes your body gets confused and thinks you are hungry when you are just dehydrated.

Try drinking a glass of water before heading to the food bar and it just might help reduce the amount you eat!

These are 5 reasons why you should be drinking more water during this festive season, try it and see if it helps!

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