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3 benefits of Coffee Pods…

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Coffee pods make exquisite coffee without the need for specialist barista training

When it comes to traditional espresso methods, there are a lot of things to consider and a lot of elements to perfect – from grinding the coffee beans at just the right moment to tamping the coffee with just the right amount of pressure.

Pods de-skill making quality espresso

Traditional espresso methods have so many elements to get right – such as grinding beans, dosing & tamping the ground coffee. And that’s before you even start to operate the espresso machine. A novice can easily get one or more of those elements wrong, giving a mediocre coffee, even if they start off with good quality coffee beans.

Coffee pods stay fresher for longer

The flavours and aroma of the freshly ground coffee beans are preserved inside the coffee capsule until it is opened and used, whereas normal coffee starts to lose both as soon as it is opened. We always advise that our customers keep their coffee in airtight containers because it helps to maintain the flavour of the coffee for longer.

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