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Tami Prestige

Tami Prestige is the latest tabletop unit that we have for offer to our customers for their homes. With a touchscreen LCD panel for dispensing water at 1 touch. The Tami Prestige comes with a 1 touch Jug and Cup fill functionality!

The Tami Prestige has been designed for easy filter replacement under the top cover, all done without the usage of any tools or equipment. Simple and easy to use, get the Prestige today.

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5 Reasons To Stay Hydrated Over The Holidays

The time for joy and celebrations are here with Christmas and Chinese New Year just looming round the corner and it is equally important to keep hydrated through this period! Here are 5 reasons why you need to be reaching out for that cup of water 1. Maintaining Your Energy

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Say NO to Plastic Bottles

The world is obsessed with plastic bottles and even in Singapore, we use about 467 million polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles a year, globally, we are looking at 20,000 bottles being produced EVERY SECOND and this number is only expected to grow at least 20% every year. Plastic bottle production is

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Keeping well hydrated can increase brain efficiency

Studies from University of East London have shown that once the thirst is quenched, that participants in the study showed that they were up to 14% quicker than before when they were thirsty. Your body is made up of a large amount of water, about 50 – 60%! So when

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